Key Issues

Trust, fiscal responsibility, and transparency

Community Engagement

Through his experiences with six different school systems growing up, Flint recognizes that the difference between an “okay” district and a “great” district is community engagement. To improve in this area, Flint believes we must:


Rebuild trust with the community.


Acknowledge and honestly address the perception of Omaha Public Schools.


Work to make our schools a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

Recruitment and Retention

The recruitment and retention of quality teachers, who are adequately prepared to deal with the challenges they may face in the classroom, are key to building great schools. Areas Flint wants to explore include:


Finding more than monetary ways to attract and retain teachers.

Reward System

Rewarding the teachers who have stepped up to the challenges of higher need areas.


Making our schools safer by looking for solutions to address student behavior concerns.

Monetary Stewardship

Being a good steward of the public’s tax dollars is one of the most important jobs a member of the school board has. To meet the challenges of this job, Flint promises to:


Review current policies to improve transparency.

Long-term Solutions

Look for solutions to address the pension shortfall, beyond simply cutting the budget.


Form better partnerships at the state and federal government levels, as well as private industry.